It would be an euphemism to say that the past few months have been hard for everyone. Owkay, we got to work from home and at the beginning it sounded fun but quickly we had to find a balance between work responsibilities and personal life and this, led to stress…

In this context, I had the opportunity to work for AXIS MUNDI, a company dedicated to the well-being of employees at work. It felt important and meaningful to me to work on this subject because we all are impacted. …

Do you know what a bolognaise is? I bet you’re thinking about spaghetti, but I’m actually not talking about food:) If you’re intrigued, read what’s next and you’ll understand it all in a bit.

At the end of 2020, I had the opportunity to work on a revamp for the website — a fishing equipment website. Me and my great fishing team composed by Rose Diquero, Morgane Lecouffe and Christina Chouiti, had the chance to rethink the website in order to help Jérôme — the owner — during this special and hard time for local shops.

Let’s discover first…

Do you complain about chores? Do you argue with your mates on who is taking the trash out? Do you feel that you are the one doing everything in this house?

If you answered “yes” to one of those questions, well read what’s next and discover how I got to work on solving this situation.

Tricount — UX Design Case Study

Today I want to talk to you about a feature I was challenged to add to the mobile application Tricount: managing the householding tasks in Tricount.

Before jumping into the subject, let me introduce you to Tricount if you don’t already know them.

Tricount was…

Like certainly 2 thirds of the population, you try to consume “better” food and be more sustainable. It’s important for the environment, your health, local producers… We’ve all heard that during the last decades but do we actually know what it means ?

During the recent lockdowns, populations tried to change their habits and tend to more sustainable behaviors but again, do we really know how to achieve that ?

Wondering what’s best between local, organic or fresh food ; feeling overwhelmed by marketing ads in a store… Sofia experienced those issues and today, I want to tell you about…

To plan a trip, you have now plenty of choice to compare the services and offers. Comparators appeared like Kayak, Liligo, Hopper, Skyscanner, Tripadvisor and so many more, to help us with that task. But at the end, is it really easier now ? Don’t you feel lost facing hundreds of deals ? In an attempt of giving the choice to users, comparators became stressful and users don’t even know how to properly use them. But let’s not rush to the conclusion and see how I got there.

Planning a trip is like finding a needle in a haystack

User profile: A young couple, between 20 and 30 years old, is…

Learning about design, I realized that it surrounds us in our daily life, whether you’re aware of it or not. An app is design, a website is design and even a simple door is design ! That’s why I wanted to do the exercise of analyzing some of my experiences and see why they are good or bad according to the Design principles.

To start in a good mood, I want to share with you, 3 positive designs I’ve encountered:

Mobile app : Dice

The first time I had to use the Dice app was a year ago. I was in a bar with…

Making an appointment for a manucure, a haircut or a waxing has always been quite an adventure. Calling the institute, trying to find a slot available, not exactly knowing what service is offered (…) are often a source of trouble. But that was until mobile apps like Le Ciseau or Treatwell appeared. I have always wondered « How did they manage to make it so simple ? »: that’s what I would like to analyze with you today. Let’s go !

Less than 10 screens, less than 10 minutes

First 4 screens of Treatwell’s user flow of making an appointment

For my 2nd assignment for Ironhack’s prework, I wanted to analyze and « reverse engineer » the famous mobile…

How often did you see yourself at the subway station, trying to buy a ticket and queuing up for 30 minutes ? How often did you forget your pass ? Why did you use 4 tickets on the same day, instead of using a « Day pass » ?
Theses are the problems we’ve all encountered at some point in our city lives, and theses are the pain points I would love try to fix.

But first, let’s get back to the beginning of that story.

City mapper

City mapper’s mobile app

For my first assignment for Ironhack’s prework, I worked on the mobile app City…

July de Jesus

Product Designer in Paris, I’ve been designing digital products for 8 years. Each solution designed is a passionate work dedicated to be relevant and innovative

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